Monday, December 14, 2009

mestre (poem)

mixed bag
bare feet stomping on the wooden floor
tall black guy wearing his sweat jacket
with the hood up
drinking a beer from a paper bag
he kept on the windowsill
in the back of the room
some getting up
some coming down
drums pounding
berimbau, mysterious, haunting
playful porteuguese voice
flirting, taunting
legs flying higher
ginga, ginga.., ginga..,.
puerto rican girl with the pouty face
getting into it
spirit, floating in the air
grounded in a faraway recess
we all came for it
reconnecting to life
in the batizada
the chamada
this place called a dance class
spiritual initiation hall
to more than we could understand
(Loremil Machado 1954-1994 )

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