Friday, December 18, 2009

favorite places in the West

Pioche Nevada
Butte Montana
Tuscarora Nevada
Mountain City Nevada
Rock Springs Wyoming
Helper Utah
Eureka Nevada
Silver City New Mexico
Bisbee Arizona
Terlingua Texas
Silver City Idaho
Atlanta Idaho
Spokane Washington

I don't quite know why I love these raw, nitty gritty places so much. They are real, with rough edges, not bourgeois fantasy lands or tourist traps. The truck photo was taken in Mountain City Nevada next to the Duck Valley Indian Reservation near the Idaho state line. I met an Indian there at the gas station. He had two scurfy cute cow dogs in the back of his old pick up truck. I said" those are some cute dogs you got there" He starts chatting with me and explains that their names are; Kimo and Sabe," too funny" I said. I really like this tiny little, rough spot in the road with a twisty, climbing, road out and hard scrabble landscape , old buildings made from local rocks,and people with a fun sense of humor. I could live in this place, at least for a little while. My soul feels content there.

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