Monday, December 28, 2009

czech circus (poem-a work in progress)

the czech circus entails
standing on the highway with bags of presents and a pie
waiting for a ride
people stop to see if you're o.k
if you need help
no, I'm just waiting for a ride
are we saving gas? the environment? adhering to someone's time schedule?
no one really knows, it's all part of the directors vision
the czech circus entails the juggling of cell phones, who's calling? oh it's for you
can I borrow your cell phone? Bob's garage is calling, I don't know anyone at Bob's garage, oh it's the circus calling for you
the czech circus always has a large harlequin great dane in it that takes the place of a person in the car,
and speaks a language that closely resembles English
the czech circus involves the juggling of languages. starting out in one language, switching to another and ending up in a third language
it also involves the creation of new hybrid languages, at times resulting in fits of laughter such as after statements of the following; I got a bee stink, move the mouth on your computer, I was chopping at the bit after chopping my wood
the circus involves viewing life through artistic and intellectual refrence points such as;
re-enacting Wyeths Christina's world at an old house only to find out later you brought the film camera with no film in it
not the digital camera, that's why there are no photos
the circus involves visiting guest members with their own particular talents, and creative skills and improvisational input
the Czech circus involves multiple chineese firedrills and improvisational art skits like;
putting your giant wooden art installation piece on the roof of your car, and then failing to secure it,
and wondering what that stuff is that's flying past you on the highway
the czech circus involves the mysterious playing of circus music anytime a member is nearby or in contact
the Czech circus is ongoing with new and repeat performances and coming soon to a theater near you
Anyone can join the Czech circus
you do not have to be Czech to be a member
you should, on the other hand, have a good grasp of the directors vision,
as improvisational skits are easier to perform that way

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