Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dishwasher, the great white whale- humorous story

So as a woman, I never really got the whole Moby Dick thing the great white whale, Ishmael, sleeping with a tatooed pierced guy named Queequeg, the tumultous waters and being tormented by a big whale only to have it take a piece of you but I do understand the nature of metaphor and that freakin dishwasher that generates it's own water and constantly opens it's wide silver mouth to swallow up bits and pieces of my daily endeavors only to spit them back out later practically exhausting me with it's constant demands- we cook from scratch which entails 4-5 loads of dishes a day, like what are we octupus or something? with a glass, fork or dish in every tentacle? for Pete's sake we are but 2 people in this household and still the great white whale sucks me in, clearing the decks of the counter tops, dragging me under in a fit of rage" why do you demand so much of me?" "I am part of your life force, "it replies. It lurches and rumbles and occasionally spews water out of it's hole all over the floor. I suppose I could give up the white whale and float with my little dinghy of a washtub but I prefer to wrestle with it for now. In my story, Quequeeg does not have long hair or tatooes.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

strange things I've seen in Rural Idaho

1) a man occasionally flies over my property in a Jensen Gyrocopter(like from the Road Warrior movie)

2) I found this piece of graffiti on a big rock by the side of a dirt road, It says "I hate science" I don't know whether this was written by one of the anti-evolution crowd or just a kid who flunked a science test

3)a friend who had a sick chicken that lived in her house, with 2 dogs and a bunch of cats, the chicken was house trained to go on newspaper and slept in a parrot cage in the living room

4) A foal with it's mother horse in distress at the vet school, so the foal was walking around in the very lovely living room on the oriental carpets with some sort of baby harness on it. I was told it hung out inside so it would be warm and not lonely

4) potato ice cream at a dairy store in southern Idaho, I had to try it, the name was better than the taste

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Horse-poem from the contemporaryAmericanWest

Crazy Horse

second time around
the whorey horsey lady
whose farm you signed on to salvage
seeing only another fifty grand a year
truck payments
extended cab
extend your debt
why didn't it work out?
marriage after two months of intimacy
eight whole days at that
my dirt is drying up
hormone replacement therapy
whose 401k is it after all
let it fall
scrambling around on the floor
for change
the only thing left
after the bankruptcy

white series-my pots

My kiln has now been rewired. I have somewhat of a firing backlog so I'm showing a series of white pots I made a few years ago. I'm also building a new aluminum frame greenhouse as my previous greenhouse was taken out in a cannonball of snow last year when we had an inordinate amount of the white stuff. We had to stop at the stage of the skeletal frame in place or as my husband calls it -The Phillip Johnson Greenhouse- as you can see completely through it now, because although we had a mild winter this year, we are making up for it now. The past week we have seen walnut sized hail, tons of rain, snow, 50 mile an hour winds, power outages, sleet and everything in between. I play the "Glad game" from "Pollyanna" with my friends. Well, at least we don't have drought, or tornadoes. This is followed up by a knock on wood of course. I joke with my friends, well at least we can grow watercress and iceberg lettuce this year!