Sunday, December 6, 2009

the law of competing enthusiasms

A friend of ours has a theory of his called "the law of competing enthusiams" which is based on only having enough energy to tackle a few interests at once. I have come up with my own version of this which I call my "law of competing anxieties" which goes like this- I have to get some clay work done, I don't want to glaze, it's messy, maybe I'll write for awhile, to work myself up to the courage to go and get messy, thus actually in a backhanded way getting writing done. When I get to the point where I'm blocked in my writing or I come to a standstill, and glazing seems easier than sending a manuscript off which touches off greater anxieties, then I get my glazing done. Get it? maybe it can work for you. So my advice is to have many irons in the fire and then you can hop skip and jump around according to your inner state, and get a lot accomplished despite your anxieties- or always have something else in the line-up that you want to do even less, like doing the dishes- Good Luck

I remember there was a quote about Jim Palmer the famous baseball pitcher that went something like this;" the guy's got complexes on top of his complexes"

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