Tuesday, May 4, 2010

white series-my pots

My kiln has now been rewired. I have somewhat of a firing backlog so I'm showing a series of white pots I made a few years ago. I'm also building a new aluminum frame greenhouse as my previous greenhouse was taken out in a cannonball of snow last year when we had an inordinate amount of the white stuff. We had to stop at the stage of the skeletal frame in place or as my husband calls it -The Phillip Johnson Greenhouse- as you can see completely through it now, because although we had a mild winter this year, we are making up for it now. The past week we have seen walnut sized hail, tons of rain, snow, 50 mile an hour winds, power outages, sleet and everything in between. I play the "Glad game" from "Pollyanna" with my friends. Well, at least we don't have drought, or tornadoes. This is followed up by a knock on wood of course. I joke with my friends, well at least we can grow watercress and iceberg lettuce this year!


  1. Teus "pots" concentram o TAO.

    Só mantendo o humor em alta para que o tempo se estabilize...


  2. No we have the drought; no tornadoes though; so happy to hear you're back on stream now that your kiln is operable

    much love

  3. Hi Gillena, We are concerned with rainfall up here,because with no snow pack in the mountains we could have drought later on, so although the weather is not fun, I guess it's necessary. Hope your situation improves, at least you have a long growing season and no snow