Tuesday, May 18, 2010

strange things I've seen in Rural Idaho

1) a man occasionally flies over my property in a Jensen Gyrocopter(like from the Road Warrior movie)

2) I found this piece of graffiti on a big rock by the side of a dirt road, It says "I hate science" I don't know whether this was written by one of the anti-evolution crowd or just a kid who flunked a science test

3)a friend who had a sick chicken that lived in her house, with 2 dogs and a bunch of cats, the chicken was house trained to go on newspaper and slept in a parrot cage in the living room

4) A foal with it's mother horse in distress at the vet school, so the foal was walking around in the very lovely living room on the oriental carpets with some sort of baby harness on it. I was told it hung out inside so it would be warm and not lonely

4) potato ice cream at a dairy store in southern Idaho, I had to try it, the name was better than the taste

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