Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dishwasher, the great white whale- humorous story

So as a woman, I never really got the whole Moby Dick thing the great white whale, Ishmael, sleeping with a tatooed pierced guy named Queequeg, the tumultous waters and being tormented by a big whale only to have it take a piece of you but I do understand the nature of metaphor and that freakin dishwasher that generates it's own water and constantly opens it's wide silver mouth to swallow up bits and pieces of my daily endeavors only to spit them back out later practically exhausting me with it's constant demands- we cook from scratch which entails 4-5 loads of dishes a day, like what are we octupus or something? with a glass, fork or dish in every tentacle? for Pete's sake we are but 2 people in this household and still the great white whale sucks me in, clearing the decks of the counter tops, dragging me under in a fit of rage" why do you demand so much of me?" "I am part of your life force, "it replies. It lurches and rumbles and occasionally spews water out of it's hole all over the floor. I suppose I could give up the white whale and float with my little dinghy of a washtub but I prefer to wrestle with it for now. In my story, Quequeeg does not have long hair or tatooes.


  1. Love this. Thank you.....pajamas

  2. Thanks P.J.'s I'm glad you liked it. A previous poem of yours helped to inspire it.

  3. i sat through with delight, my daughter and i; the 2010 performance of the Noble Douglas dance Theatre, of the Story of Moby Dick; ...ah those were the years when she danced, i sat...; looking back and returning to the cycle of today

    much love