Monday, January 18, 2010

simple sculptural bowl

This is one of my simple bowls. I threw it as one piece on the wheel and then carved away clay at the top rim. I see it as a scuptural vessel. The glaze is a textured matt white. It is not food safe because of the textured glaze but can hold non food items. It's one of my favorite's so I kept it for myself, but part of a series of larger sculptural vessels I'm working on.Barbara Hepworth is one of my favorite sculptors-see previous blog post. I love the simplicity of her sculptures. I feel her influence in the forming of these larger pots 5 1/2 "tall x 10 1/2" wide


  1. Lovely vessel Lorena.
    interesting reference to barbara hepworth whom i do like very much.It would be nice to visit her house/studio/garden...if thats possible!

  2. David Chipperfield has designed The Hepworth Wakefield which opens May 2011 - a great combination of Barbara Hepworth's work and ambitious architecture