Thursday, January 21, 2010

property saga-poem

Pipestone pass
or the continental divide
Homestake Pass
and the Hollywood screenwriters place
garbage pit full of
antique relics, garbage,
and God knows what else
large chunks of crystals
garnets and mica dust
dilapidated cabin by
the side of the highway
our dream place?
with the allready existent studio
like my studio
"there's hot geothermal water nearby"
"maybe on your land"
says the realtor
sweet as pie
hair piled a mile high
that greenhouse,so charming
in it's rundown state
belying the hailstorms
with busted out glass windows
"we're moving to a quarter million dollar house"
says the current occupants
as if quarter million dollar
with it's word million
had some fairy tale significance to it
your dream
my dream
subdivision vision
log shack by the side of the highway
"Butte's only 25 miles away"
in the summer
"why this community is nestled in the bosom of agriculture"
"that's right"
"it's rural living at it's best"
"with a real sense of community"
"Hey I got some unpatented mining claims to sell ya"
"reeeeeal cheap"
"Why, if you hold onto those long enough"
"you'll have yourself a goldmine all over again"
(written in 1995 while looking for property in Montana)

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