Friday, November 11, 2011


cleaning up the dishes, the ones that never end- Hard work and effort turned into debris- birth and death- eating, cooking cleaning, -"Entropy is the tendency for natural systems to go toward a state of maximum disorder"- can't help thinking that this man in my life is playing a part here- that loaf of bread, now crumbs on the counter- I read that space junk is floating around, interfering with the space station- wonder what man left his junk lying around, even up in space?- a woman would never do this, she would package it and bundle it and send it to the sun for recycling- Oh but there is an energy exchange here- the Law of conservation of energy- the same man that drags the house down into disorder- is the one who keeps the car running by changing the oil-the energy changes location within our isolated system but it is neither created or destroyed-all in this perpetual motion machine called marriage - I trudge on, trying to keep up with it all- at the speed of light

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