Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My handspun throw blanket and love of Japanese aesthetics

One of the many things I love about Japanese aesthetics is their use of natural materials in their homes. I spun this yarn in a rustic manner, from a gray Romney and black Blue Faced Leicester/ Lincoln fleece. I then knit it on large circular needles. It is folded in half and then over again in the photo, so you are actually seeing 1/4 of it's true size.It will cover an average adult. I also have an affinity for Mid-century modern furniture and have quite a bit of it in my house.


  1. Lorena,

    Beautiful. Thank you.....pajamas

  2. this is so lovely, the differents shapes, the sound, i coulds almost feel a serene breeze wafting throug the garden; thanks for sharing

    much love

  3. Hi! I like japanese style too, especialy for architecture... I watch a lot of modern japanese architects and allways impressed by them! By the way, thanks for your comments on my blog!