Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Risk it or wreck it

This is a little game I play when making my ultra thin wheel thrown pots. I suppose it can apply to lots of people in many different areas of life but particularly for certain kinds of artwork that one invests substantial amounts of time on. It goes like this. I'm close to what I'm after, at the good enough stage, but not the " oh that's it" pushing the boundaries to the very edge point. I have learned after wrecking countless pots by making them so thin they collapse, or I break through the wall with a tool, so I stop and ask myself "risk it?" after all, does the world need another mediocre pot? or am I willing to go for it but risk ruining it? I usually go for it but watch the danger signs. By staying alert and aware in the moment and applying proper procedures each step of the way which means; not rushing or fudging or keeping my fingers crossed and taking a reckless leap of faith, I've been able to have a higher success rate.I can still recycle the clay at this point and try again after reclaiming it so it's not a total loss if I fail, mere frustration as to time and energy expended. I suppose risk it or wreck it can apply to many aspects of life, jobs relationships, etc.., Just something to think about

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