Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doubling down

It's showtime, Set up is in four hours. Clint Eastwood's squint eyed face and the quote, as I open up the kiln, comes to mind " are you feeling lucky punk?, well are ya?" 156degrees on the cool down. I can crack the kiln and look inside" whew" a few good pieces I can view on the top shelf. Nothing like running it down to the wire " get em while they're hot folks" too much New yorker in me. The top shelf bodes well for what's in store further down, good omens or at least a decent start. Always have something new, improved, moving forward. Over the hump and down the final stretch. My mantra on show days is "don't sit down until your done" No time for inertia or reflection, forces are gaining down the final stretch, the trumpet blares, "and we're off"

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